Full Version: Champlin: Top JUCO DL Emmit Gooden reflects on Alabama, UAB visits
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Doubt we get him, but I'm glad we're bringing in guys like him so they can atleast get a look around. Clark seems to be a good salesman so who knows.
Getting a top prospect to at least look at our program and to comment favorably on our new facilities is a good start on building UAB as a program to be considered by the best recruits.
May not get him, but if he has a friend from camps or a teammate that isn't getting a good look, he may encourage them too look here. Who knows we might find a diamond in the rough that way
This is just the beginning. Like some of you said, it's a big deal for a kid being recruited by ua to also be wooed by us as well. And to comment favorably on our facility as well.
Per Mr. Gooden big news coming soon.
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