Full Version: Bill Clark's busy to-do list includes turning UAB into a sports medicine mecca
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Man, that would be huge. Would really be a transformational project for UAB and Birmingham. The scope they're talking about is pretty big. Having James Andrews is involved is a good sign. Have the usual suspects been pushing back on this or are we likely to see this come to fruition?
If you want to be part of the future of Alabama UAB is the place to be. As I've been saying for years, we're painting Alabama green
Clark is a genius
The more that can be done to tie the undergrad UAB sports programs into the UAB medical establishment, the better for all concerned parties. Bringing in the branded names like LeMack, Andrews and such helps give credibility to the effort as we attract the younger leaders in the field of sports medicine to build a long lasting nationally (perhaps internationally) recognized program in B'ham.

Right now, it is medical issues (concussions, knee, shoulder,etc) that threaten to diminish the attraction of sports participation. The more a university can do to meet that challenge with effective remedies, the better for the school and the sports. (Seeing a tennis star win a "major" tournament while two months pregnant suggests another area of study for sports medicine)
Great idea and UAB should be the capital for sports medicine. This makes so much sense
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