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No Towsonfans or chat site up and I'm not at Foxborough, so this is the best way to talk about Saturday's first semifinal game and vent a little.

Chatting old school. If it doesn't work, post it here.

Towson's audio has last week's game for some reason.
Tyler Mayes still beasting.
Drenner needs to step up today. Limit the poor passes and finish at the crase.
Drenner just drew two penalties. Towson now on a 6-on-4 EMO.
Not stopping Jack Adams
Great, now Woodall has lost three straight and Ohio State scores easily off win. Poor transition D.
Seider's first shot right at GK.
And not a good shot by Seider with Mazza back but beaten at the end line.
Mazza with lucky goal. Had Konen wide open at crease.
There you go Alex, finally a clean win at the x.
Def. caught a break on the Mazza goal. Did not appear to cross th eline.
Fortunate to be tied 2-2 at the end of 1 quarter.
Seider goes lefty off Konen's miss off the pipe. Now 4-2 Towson. Great defensive play on other end by Ewell, then Patterson.
Woodall has now won 4 of 5 draws. So much for taking him out. That's why Nads is the coach and I'm just typing away.
Drenner lefty score coming from around the goal. Now 5-2 Towson.
Hoy still hasn't made a save. Big goal for OSU as Patterson gets beat and Ewell a bit late on the slide.
Great shot by Drenner, back up 6-3
Good timeout by Nads after Woodall wins face-off but loses the ball after being harrassed.
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