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In the Philippines where I am on the island of Mindanao, Martial Law has been declared due to fighting in a city 14 hours away. Interesting times. Maute terrorist (ISIS) have started an operation of terror in that city and other places. http://news.abs-cbn.com/news/05/23/17/du...n-mindanao

The city I am in is under full lockdown...http://news.abs-cbn.com/news/05/24/17/davao-under-lockdown-amid-martial-law-declaration-sara-duterte
hburg, keep your head down & make it through in one piece bud!
Thanks, HyperDuke, interesting times we are in. I am hearing that Russia will be providing aircraft to help bomb the terrorist. Apparently, Marawi City is being evacuated for that purpose. Davao last year was bombed by the Maute terrorist that killed 15 people. The location was at the Marco Polo hotel where I had dinner the year prior. There must be strong evidence that caused martial law to be enforced. Hopefully, it will allow the government to destroy the terrorist. Meanwhile, the writ of habeas corpus has been suspended.
hburg, hope all goes well. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Keep us posted please.

Good luck!
Right now the City of Davao is in a hold and secure situation. Therefore most daily routines within the city are normal. Here is an update on why the Philippine President declared martial law in Mindanao.


His proclamation was sent the Philippines Congress last night. The claim is that the Marawi attack by members of the Maute group and Abu Sayyaf were planning a takeover of all of Mindanao. Whether or not true, I am not sure, however, those groups are responsible for a lot of terror in the Philippines and have beheaded a lot of innocent people. Today there was a report of foreign fighters mixed in with the killed terrorist in Marawi.
Just an update on the Island I am on. Davao continues to be very safe. Here is what is going on 10-14 hours from where I am at http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/news/nati...wi/story/. Even though government forces have taken 90% of the city back, 10% of the city remains heavily fortified with ISIS fighter who are both of foreign nationality and Filipino. There are thousand still trapped in the 10% of the city still occupied by the Maute terrorist group who tried to proclaim a caliphate.

In the midst of all of the heavy fighting, there are some stories of great courage. For example, a Muslim man protected and shielded some 70 Christians within the 10% ISIS-held area. The man taught them how to saw Allahu Akbar and as they passed ISIS checkpoints, he told them they were all Muslim. Somehow as they journeyed to the safe area, the crowd grew to about 163 men, women, and children. Quite an amazing story http://news.abs-cbn.com/focus/06/03/17/m...rawi-city.
Thanks for the update. Great story. Further proof that there are good and bad people within all religious factions. Quite a heroic act.

Keep us posted. Hope all is well.
Thanks, Wear Purple! If anyone was to travel to Davao, I would encourage them to do so because it is very normal here. There are not signs of martial law, due to the hold and secure methods they are using. Here is another update also check out the pictures, they remind me of the destruction seen in Syria.

An update from Marawi..Marines captured 79 million Pesos from the Maute group while capturing a machine gun encampment. Will be interesting to see who has been financing them. 52 million is cash, the other 27 million are checks. http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/news/regi...?search_it

Here are pictures of the war-ravaged city of Marawi https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?s...7835968911
Abu Sayyaf leader Hapilon no longer in Marawi –sources - See more at: http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/news/nati...hsYYd.dpuf hoping not the case.
Video showing the Maute and Hapilon's plan to destabilize Marawi city and take it over to claim a caliphate. The video is in Filipino, but the explanation is in the article. The video was captured during the fighting against the Maute-ISIS. http://cnnphilippines.com/news/2017/06/0...-plot.html

Here is a video with news commentary, though the link above is free form news commentary

As the war in Marawi draws closer to a close. War with the NPA could be just beginning again. The NPA is only 3-5 hours away from Davao and they have promised attacks in Davao city. http://www.gmanetwork.com/news/news/ulat...men/story/
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