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In Memoriam of Nuggets Ghost, banned from thy board once again,
Strong Son of God, immortal poster, lover of man
Whom we(most), that have not seen thy face behind that avatar,
By faith, and faith alone, embrace,
Believing where we cannot prove;you will be missed on thy board...especially during the conference tourney......

Thine are these orbs of light and shade;
Thou madest Life in man and ghost;
It is hard....to say goodbye.....to yesterday......

Thy ghost will be missed.......for an undetermined amount of time.....

[Image: 9prZHK.gif]
[Image: wxbldm.gif]
I don't know about the severity of what NG did, but unless it is was criminal, I would vote to reinstate NG at this joyous time in Golden Eagle history so that we can all enjoy the fabulous ride together!!!! 04-cheers
Buncha f**king pansies.

Ridicule a mental patient and get banned.

Someone needs a swift kick in the v agina.
Good bye Dr Jekyll. Hello Mr Hyde.

Scientists say if you could look at the very end of the universe you would see the back of your head.
Really would like to see Nugget back before the regional selections are made.
(05-21-2017 05:49 PM)BeagleUSM Wrote: [ -> ]Really would like to see Nugget back before the regional selections are made.

Pm my little pony.
Fox News Update!

Nugget's Ghost was found guilty of three charges of intent to mentally harm a snowflake last week by the twelve member jury.

After three days of message board witnesses, the defense brought Forty four-year-old Snowflake to the stand.
He testified Nugget left him no choice but to go to authorities and report him for intent to harm a snowflake.
Throughout his testimony, Snowflake maintained he was not a homosexual and does in fact know how to post a link on a message board.
Once Nugget was found guilty Snowflake said he relieved himself.
He told the jury he didn't want Nugget around anymore and wanted him banned immediately.
The jury found Nugget guilty of aggravated posting and first and second degree abuse of a snowflake.
Prosecutors praised the jury’s decision this morning.
CSNBBS Board Moderator stated, “Everyone has worked really hard, really focused and really worked well together in order to bring this case to a close. And hopefully we have gotten some good closure for the victims in this case and hopefully some closure for victims in previous cases with this individual."

Nugget has been sentence to no less than 2 weeks suspension no possibility of early release........
I think there was a jailbreak......
(05-23-2017 08:19 AM)SoMs Eagle Wrote: [ -> ]I think there was a jailbreak......

[Image: miss-piggy-breaking-out.gif]
Can we release The Nug by Friday?
[Image: 35.gif]
Did I fail to post something here yesterday or was it snowflaked?
Bad Juju:

Some type of bad vibe or undesirable act such as walking under a ladder or banning Nugget during NCAA regional play. Also used in the military for putting your life or someone else's life in danger.

Example-Damn, I Must Have Saw That Girl With Four Different Guys At That Party, I Wouldn't Mess Around With That, She's Bad JuJu!
It's been 2 weeks. Shouldn't he be back by now if it was a 2 week ban?
(06-03-2017 11:48 AM)BeagleUSM Wrote: [ -> ]It's been 2 weeks. Shouldn't he be back by now if it was a 2 week ban?

Toldya he was already here!03-lmfao04-cheers
When will the head eeeeeediot be back?
1 month...come on
(06-14-2017 05:18 AM)Sosoboi Wrote: [ -> ]When will the head eeeeeediot be back?

here's one multi vote for himself. signed up in january and has 2 posts. both regarding himself (NG).
Doubt that's him.
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