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Well this is a great site: http://www.fbschedules.com/ncaa/mid-amer...utemen.php

At the very beginning of the facebook video is some schedule info is mentioned as 2018 is complete. 2019 is filled out except a team or two, there are one or two changes as so will not be playing three straight road games. 2021-22 there are 4-6 games scheduled.

We normal post schedules updates as they come in, but there was a comment that 2019 will be done in a month and 2020 by Fall Football season. Have to wonder if honoring Liberties request not releasing their schedule until it's complete.

Wonder if New Mexico State could start appearing on our future schedules.

Personally like to see the Maine game scheduled for Nov 30th, 2019 and start playing New Mexico State with a home date of September 28th, 2019.

This would leave Sept 7th and 21st available for a home and away game to complete the 2019 schedule.


From Mike Traini.

Quote:The Minutemen/Flames contest in 2019 is UMass' first home game with a date for McGuirk Stadium in Amherst. UMass will be hosting UConn and BYU at Gillette Stadium in 2019, and will host Maine in Amherst on a date to be determined. The Minutemen still need two more home games in 2019 to tentatively complete their schedule for that season.

UMass will travel to Liberty to close out the 2020 season, playing the Flames in the final weekend of the year. UMass now has six games tentatively scheduled for the 2020 season and five games tentatively scheduled for the 2021 season. All four contests are scheduled for November, traditionally the most difficult month for independent programs to schedule games.

Your program certainly has not had any trouble getting games with P5 and AAC programs since you left the MAC and they are all scheduled on Saturday, how about that!

With NM ST going Independent and Liberty joining FBS as an Indy in 2018, you will have an easier time scheduling while Conference teams are playing their conference schedules. Hawaii always has a challenging time scheduling opponents and I noticed you have a series with them as well. Hawaii over Labor Day Weekend or Thanksgiving Weekend is like a 2nd Bowl Game and serves as a Bowl game if you don't qualify for one.
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