Full Version: It's Hatchet Day...
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This move is huge across all of sports TV. Even Ernie Johnson gave it some airtime on the NBA coverage the other night. I wouldn't be surprised if many talking heads at other networks worry that their employers might follow suit within a year or two.

As far as the health of ESPN itself, I think they will be fine. They just made these moves to respond to a decrease in revenue but the unfortunate losers are football conferences in the G5 that are being reduced to bread crumbs. They will still go hard on behalf of the schools that they love. And so I say keep turning them off if you're G5 because they clearly don't give 2 ****s about any of our programs.
I loathe espn and I hope they crash and burn.

What would I do without big 10 basketball!! lol

I get the Orioles package and NFL package through direct tv.

Espn is absolutely useless for mid major fans.

Eamonn Brennan got fired and he was one of the very few respectable contributors. Typical.
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