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Have at it.
Don't really care about Duke or Cheater Hill, but it is interesting that Ted Cruz's long lost son plays for the Blue Devils.

[Image: cruz_allen.jpg]
Ted Cruz himself tweeted a picture of Grayson to show that Cruz played basketball. It was widely regarded as an improvement to Cruz's AI system
(04-25-2017 08:29 AM)MonarchManiac Wrote: [ -> ]Why?

Since the Smack board is under utilized I figured this might be a good chance to maybe change some behavior. Let's try and use it more often.
FCK GRAYSON ALLEN 02-13-banana

Think he's MB's son......
I am certainly no fan of this particular Duke player
Funny thing is I never mentioned UNC or that being the reason I dislike Grayson Allen.

Like I said in the other thread, I've never seen anyone else in college hoops that intentionally has tripped opposing players on 3 different occasions. Now I am only 30 so I've been watching for about 15-17 years but still, never have I seen dirty plays like that and then repeat so many times.

I think I saw someone else say "what if that was your child and you were seeing all the backlash and belittlement".

If that was my child I would have called them out after the first incident and chewed them the fck out because that is not healthy competition and thats now how any athlete child of mine will be raised.

Hes a punk who thinks he can do what he wants. Im actually really excited to see a few players try their luck in the NBA and thats this douche Grayson Allen and Alonzo Ball from UCLA. Hope the NBA chews them up and spits them right back out.
Grayson Allen is a baby and UNC cheats to get their athletes eligible

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