Full Version: Legacy Day and #1911Challenge
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We wanted to remind everyone here on the Buccaneer Nation that today is Legacy Day and the #1911Challenge is underway. The goal is to have 1,911 ETSU fans join the 1911 Legacy by visiting http://www.GiveBucs.com and making a minimum $111 donation on the 11th of April. Your donation not only will help student-athletes and is tax deductible, but you will also receive a 30-character plate to leave a message on the Legacy Wall at the new football stadium.

Then, after you meet the challenge, please consider making a video and posting to your own social media with a challenge to other individuals, similar to the ALS challenge from several years ago.

Thank you for considering the challenge. Go Bucs!

Already donated when i first saw this a couple weeks ago. Good luck with this. Would be a good idea to do a remote with the Sports Monster at some location and have a set up where people can donate.

Double check that tax deductible did. Fairly certain the Head cheeto in charge got the tax code changed and they took that out of it now.
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