Full Version: NY AG Who Was On “Hillary For Victory” Committee, Hiring People To Go After Trump
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Another effort at a coup, they don’t even have a case, just organizing to get him…how pathetic are these people. You lost, get over it.

Quote:New York’s attorney general is positioning himself to be top independent watchdog of the Trump administration.
State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has hired on Howard McMaster, a top-flight public corruption prosecutor, to focus specifically on President Donald Trump, the Wall Street Journal reports.

McMaster was until recently the public corruption ace in fired U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s office, where he helped put powerful Democratic state House Speaker Sheldon Silver behind bars on felony corruption charges.

Scheiderman spokesman Eric Soufer confirmed the hire and said McMaster would work on civil and criminal investigations, including potential litigation against the Trump administration.

With Trump in control of the executive branch, including the federal Department of Justice, and Republican majorities in the House and Senate, a network of Democrat state attorneys general has emerged as a significant legal watchdog to his administration.

State attorneys general were behind the lawsuits that obtained court orders blocking Trump's controversial 'Muslim' ban. New York's Schneiderman was among them, joining Washington state's AG in a multi-state lawsuit against the second immigration ban.

Seems like a misuse of public funds. New York's AG has no authority in Washington DC.
Of course using funds the way they were intended was never a Democratic strongpoint.
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