Full Version: Always a Dragon Bracketology!
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Okay, Drexel fans, our season might be over but there's still lots of basketball to play. Let's get some Dragon fans together and see who can come out on top picking the tournament!

The name of the group is: Always a Dragon!
I set a password for it which is simply AlwaysADragon (case sensitive)

Follow this link if you want in. There's no entry fee and all that is at stake is bragging rights!

I wouldn't mind doing a 5-20$ buy in either but for fun would be cool too.
I am in and ready to get smoked!
Great to have you guys along! And everyone else is welcome. Obviously. The link is above. Group Password: AlwaysADragon
BUMP and a last call! Tournament starts today and there will be NO lat entries! There are currently 10 of us in. FREE of charge and just for fun. Submit a bracket!
Thank God. After shoveling, my lats could use a break. 03-cool
In! Username is kps041986
(03-16-2017 08:36 AM)Seahawk Nation 08 Wrote: [ -> ]In! Username is kps041986

We better not let an outsider win.
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