Full Version: WBB: Toledo at Central Michigan game thread
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Rockets and Chips about to get underway in Mount Pleasant.
Opening tip goes to the Chips but there are all kinds of clock problems. Having trouble getting this one started
Chips take a 2-0 lead
And there's another stoppage
How ridiculous
All kinds of clock problems apparently. They need me there to fix things. 03-rotfl
UT misses and the Chips rebound

CMU hits a 3 and leads 5-0
UT misses a couple of tries and CMU rebounds but turns it over

McIntyre is going to the line after a foul on the Chips

First one good

Second one no good

5-1 CMU
Chips miss and UT rebounds

McIntyre scores and it's 5-3 CMU
CMU turns it over

Santucci ties it at 5
Chips score and regain the lead at 7-5
Monakana ties it at 7
Chips score and it's 9-7 CMU
Boyd ties it at 9
Chips miss a couple of tries and UT gets the rebound

UT misses and CMU rebounds

Chips score and lead 11-9
UT misses and CMU rebounds

Chips get a putback and lead 13-9. Timeout Rockets, which becomes the media timeout. UT trails by 4 and has the ball when play resumes with 4:56 left in the first quarter
Offense looks good. Defense, not so much.
Bravo-Harriott scores and it's 13-11
Chips miss and they foul on the rebound. Non-shooting

UT misses and the ball goes out of bounds off of CMU. Reecher made the play to save the UT possession

Boyd ties it at 13
Chips score and there's a foul on Bravo-Harriott on the play

Free throw is no good and there's a held ball on the rebound. Arrow gives it to UT. CMU leads 15-13
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