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I'm going to start off this thread by posting a really nice article from the Baltimore Sun about Kurk Lee Jr. and his Dad Kurk Sr. Lots of interesting history about Kurk Sr. at Towson, and the father/son comparisons.

Good article. We will need him to play smart tonight. Towson is very physical so he will need to keep himself in check, especially his emotions. We can't be sloppy with the ball tonight if we expect to pull the upset.
I dont think a rugged style of game is going to work in our favor. Towson can't shoot a lick but they sure can get after it on defense. My gut and head says this will be a tight game, but vegas has something else in mind. I trust vegas more than I do myself.

DU- 63
TU- 80
5 mins left up 34-30 is quite promising. Higher scoring than I expected from us. Hopefully we can keep it up
Horrible end to the half. up 42-37 with 26 seconds left and we trail 43-42. We shot well but they shot better. Have to get stops at some point to win.
Tyshawn. Just can't do that. It didn't look that flagrant but it was a technical. 6 straight unanswered points to end the half. After such a solid 19:30 minutes.

And he was just subbed in to give Rodney (who was gassed) a rest for the final minute of the half.
Another disappointing half from Overton, we could be so much more dangerous if he would find it. Lee made his first shot then nothing. Both Williams' and Sammy responsible for leading the first 19:50 of the game.
I wish the Towson announcer had done a little homework. Not "Johnson".
His name is pronounced "Yonson", not "Johnson". This has been going on all season. How hard is it for these other teams' announcers to spend 5 minutes with Mike Tuberosa before the game and learn how to pronounce these players' names.
Its getting away at hte 11 mintue mark. Keyed by a poor shot by Overton (off the side of the backboard) and a wide open missed 3 by Overton.
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