Full Version: I "Give A Hoot" about Recruiting!
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Good morning! I can only imagine how excited the FAU campus is in anticipation of the 2017 season, Lane Kiffin has a way of shaking things up wherever he goes, and his impact on the Owls football program will be immediate. Was a little disappointed that FAU was not on UAB's schedule for its return season, but I wanted to stop by, wish you all the very best of fortune next football season, I hadn't forgotten the good turn you all did for the Blazers when the scumbags on our board of trustees tried to murder our football program. How did the recruiting go? I saw the list of all the D1 Head Football coaches in Florida, and it reads like a murderers row. I've never looked so forward to a college football season as I do 2017. Again, thanks in advance and good luck to y'all...
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