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A tough Charleston team comes to the DAC today. Although we went to OT on Thursday, so did they - losing at Towson. Hopefully we use the momentum from the win and their potential road weariness. We will need it as they would seem to be the much better team. It is interesting that they, as CAA newcomers are the only ones to play the old school CAA tough defense anymore.

They are dealing with their "grad player" betrayal that we did. Their situation was a little different in that Barry missed the whole second half of the season last year so they were used to playing without him. It also helps to get a player like Joe Chealey back on top of that.

Looking at the Charleston stats, one thing that surprises me is the regression of Marquise Pointer. I imagine the return of Chealey has something to do with it. It is just surprising given how well he performed as a freshman. It isn't just lack of playing time as all his shooting percentages are down. I had imagine years of good showdowns between him and Terrell Allen; I guess I was wrong about that.

One of the key matchups should be Brantley vs Rodney. They are both foul-prone so early fouls has the potential to swing things one way or the other.
I really like your coach. I think once he gets his own recruits in place you will be a very dangerous team. Our first season under Grant was a disaster, last year much improved and now in his third year with mostly his own recruits he has us contending. I can see the same cycle happening with you
I went to this, they really looked like they could hang with CoC, but the technical on Spiker and some calls that were heavily booed seemed to turn the tide, and they could never get close after that. There are still flashes from this team, which is really good to see; just hope that converts to results in a couple years.
Well this team has struggled all year to put 40 minutes together and this was no different. This league is too strong to only play well for half of the game. CofC is a good team though, so there are no hard feelings to drop this one.
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