Full Version: PSU working on extension for J. Franklin
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From coaching search:

"Penn State: The school is "aggressively" working on an extension for James Franklin, according to USA Today’s Dan Wolken."

This seems a little odd to me. One the one hand he has PSU in a great spot right now. Beat MSU and if OSU wins they go to the B1G championship game. On the other hand, was he not on a warm (ish) seat before the start of the season? Is this a case of what have you done for me recently or maybe another school could try to poach him?

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In my opinion, it is ideal for both sides. James Franklin wants to stay at Penn State and Penn State wants James Franklin.

When he took the job, it was (allegedly) his dream job having grown up in Pennsylvania. He likely won't leave voluntarily except for an NFL head coaching position but I'm not sure if he'd want to and I don't think his coaching style would work in the pros. He's greatly exceeded the expectations for the administration and the conservative fan. I know I was thinking of a 7-5 or 8-4 season at-best beforehand but almost everything broke our way this year and next year we can be even better which would make Franklin even more expensive. This is his third year of a five year deal if I remember correctly. Win-win-win for everyone.
So this agent is gonna get PAID.

Busy, busy time for Trace Armstrong, who represents Franklin, Tom Herman, Les Miles, among others. https://t.co/Pd3GjjlPS7

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