Full Version: Campbell to join Big South football
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Rumors are circulating that Campbell will start competing in the Big South for football. A special announcement is schedule for 1pm on Monday. Although I'm less than excited about this add, it would help sure up the automatic bid.

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I'm not excited from a program standpoint; I don't think Campbell has much to offer Big South football performance wise. However, they are full members for every other sport so I welcome any Big South member to join any sport the Big South offers. Welcome home Camels!
Good to have another BSC member to keep the autobid even though Campbell would be expected to be a weak member.
Well they do have decent facilities and should be able to get decent recruits.
Right off the bat theyd be better than Presbyterian
I am very happy to have Campbell in the BSC. We NEED teams. They already are BSC members in other sports. Plus they are Fighting Camels! How cool is that!?! Maybe it'll open the door to more teams... maybe Jacksonville? Regardless. I am very thankful for their presence and hope they start BSC play soon.
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