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Hi everyone, I hope all is well. My wife is 35 weeks pregnant with our first child and was diagnosed with breast cancer several weeks ago. We started a go fund me page to help raise funds to pay for the cancer treatment. The treatment we are seeking is considered out of network and will cost us much more. We were told treatment will cost around $30,000-$35,000 (insurance will cover half). The reason we do not want the traditional chemotherapy is because my wife will not be able to take care of our baby fully because of the side effects. However, by having an integrative approach (nutrition and low dose Chemotherapy), Jane will be able to take care of baby Sarah without feeling gloomy after chemotherapy, this is because they use an ipt approach that uses insulin to open the cells, followed by 20 % chemo. The last ultrasound showed growth of about a centimeter in one direction and a half centimeter in another. It has grown to a size approx. 6 to 7 cm. We don't know how much longer we can wait, but we are hoping that God intervenes and delivers our baby in week 37 (around Nov. 8 through Nov. 14). Any donation will be beneficial. We were blessed this past weekend of a lady who donated more than a 1,000 ounces of breast milk. It was amazing, we have a picture on the gofundme.com fundraising page. Feel free to share the link with others. https://www.gofundme.com/gracealone thank you in advance for your help,


PS-if you are willing to donate, but do not want o use go fund me, you can always pm me for my contact information.
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High folks, wanted to give a little update. We have been blessed by the outpouring of support. We were able to raise nearly $12,000. The reason why we need so much financial assistance is that of the insurance company refusing to support the kind of treatment we want fully. For example, the insurance company on covered about 11% of the total cost of chemo treatment. The reason why they refuse to support more is that it is considered an integrative treatment approach. Meaning that she only receives 20% of chemo that is potentiated with insulin to open the cells. Then on another day she receives high-dose vitamin C which helps reduce the size of tumors much faster. After three treatments, the tumor size is already shrinking. Unfortunately, the pregnancy took a toll on my wife. By waiting, the cancer had developed into a stage 4 cancer that metastasized to the sternum and liver. Because of the spread, the treatment will be much longer than originally anticipated. While we have raised $12,000, we still need a lot more. She is tolerating the treatments well and can take care of our 3-week old daughter without feeling extremely fatigued, sick, etc...In fact, she will not lose her hair! Anyway, thank you for your continued prayers and support. If you are interested in helping, the link is above via the go fund me page.
Most do not know that my wife died of breast cancer and pneumonia this past August. She was deeply loved by many and her impact on the lives of young women live on to this day. I was surprised that a youth group in Davao City, Philippines created a feature video they showed at their youth conference. They took the blog post we made and created narrative from my wife's and I blog post. Enjoy!


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hburg, I am so sorry for your loss. Thanks for providing the facebook link.
Thanks wear purple.

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I never even noticed this off-topic forum existed until today, so I missed this post. I am so, so sorry for your loss. Your video brought tears to my eyes. I hope you and your little one are doing well.
Thanks waterwagen79 deeply appreciated.
Sorry to hear this hburg. Hopefully the Dukes can bring you some joy on Saturday.
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