Full Version: Villanova Game Thoughts
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Well it's a new season of Panther football and it's time to start trying to make sense of this team. With Penn State coming in next week, things should be interesting.

My take aways from Villanova are as follows:

The defense looked good. I thought Maddox played a great game. I would have thought the DL would have gotten more pressure against Villanova, but I think that we were pretty vanilla all around.

I think, in general, the secondary was good. I don't think Villanova's QB had anywhere to go with the ball on most plays. I think he would have been sacked more frequently had we blitzed but again, I think we kept the gameplan vanilla so we didn't show anything to Penn State's staff. Maddox's sack at the end of the game was the only sort of exotic look I think they threw at Villanova all game.

The offense was disappointing. We didn't look particularly good in any phase of the game on offense and I think the most disappointing thing was to see us not able to run well. I think the passing game was vanilla on purpose but I think we should have been able to get more push against Villanova. If we can't run against Penn State we will lose.

I think Ollison looked better than Connor. I think Connor was a little rusty. He'll shake it off.

Henderson is a playmaker. I want to see him more involved in the offense. Every time he had the ball in his hands I thought he was a threat to take it to the house and on a kickoff return after the half he did. He just seems electric.

Ford was absent. Hope he shows up next week.

Peterman was OK. Not great, not terrible. Probably handcuffed by playcalling.

I am a little concerned that aside from the playcalling being vanilla our receivers are going to have a tough time getting open. When we did throw, it was mostly to TEs and when we were looking for WRs it just seemed like Peterman had nowhere to go.

I'm really excited for next week!
Welcome back Connor! Glade he has recovered & doing well. Great player & kid.
I could make almost the same exact post by just changing a few names for the opener vs. YSU this year. It's eerie.
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