Full Version: Bryant Stith....?????
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Anyone have any additional info on this? I just noticed it in the VP.

Clearly not ODU's Bryant Stith
Can you read? First sentence says 21 years old.
(04-11-2016 06:01 PM)mac Wrote: [ -> ]Can you read? First sentence says 21 years old.

Yes, I can read. Would it be impossible for B.J. to be 21...? He graduated from high school in 2014.
A) the video clearly shows it is not BJ.
B) I'm pretty sure BJ's name is not Bryant.

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Identity thief. Book him...
Yep, that's Bryant Stith. Oh and check out this photo of Michael Jordan;

[Image: michael-b-jordan.jpg]
Comments of that article are ridiculous.

Always "wah wah wah police used excessive force".
For the love of god, please delete this thread.
Agreed, this will deteriorate and turn into a spin room discussion before long. Wrong person, lizocked!
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