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I'll try to keep up w/ the twittersphere and update this as this goes down...

Sean Miller
Archie Miller
Chris Mack

Those are the few names that are clubhouse leaders... Who knows if they're legitimate candidates or not.
From what I understand, Sean Miller is unlikely because he's already got a sweet gig at Arizona. I don't know much about the other candidates.

None of us really know Barnes's style yet. If it were a Pederson search, it'd take forever and we'd never hear any legit names come out. It would also likely be a cluster. Here's to hoping that's not the case with our new leadership.
I have my doubts on Sean Miller too. He could just be using Pitt to parlay more $$$ from Arizona.
Per Richie Walsh, Pitt offered Sean Miller the gig.
Richie Walsh is a dumbf%ck
I hope they get someone before Monday but maybe their guy is still coaching....
Kevin Stallings...

Ohhhhh fml
Yeah, if it's him, the Pete is going to be empty.

It would be reaaly hard to spin this hire - there will be no buzz at all. Hard to see why they would hire him but they must have been turned down by lots of guys.

Lots of conspiracy theories out there - search firm connections to Vandy, Barnes connections to head of search firm, etc.....

But if Vandy gets a younger guy (Keatts, Wade) that has a lot of 'buzz', that's going to make the Stallings hire look even worse.
I forgot about Jeter transferring out of Vandy (Stallings). I wonder what happens to the rodter if true?

Also, didn't Stallings threaten to kill a player?

If true, this hire is definitely a head scratcher....
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