Full Version: MBB: Eastern Michigan at Toledo
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Regular season finale and Senior Night at Savage. Thanks to Nathan Boothe for his time in a UT uniform.
Rockets and gsw scouting him tonight.
Hopefully it's not his last game in Savage. Would be great to have 1 more ?
(03-04-2016 06:43 PM)adunifon Wrote: [ -> ]Rockets and gsw scouting him tonight.

Don't we already know a lot about him?
Let's Go Rockets!!!
Opening tip goes to EMU

Then there's a held ball and of course the arrow gives it to UT
Sanford makes it 2-0 UT
Eagles miss and UT rebounds

Rockets turn it over
EMU turns it over

UT misses and EMU rebounds

Eagles tie it at 2
Boothe makes it 4-2 UT
Eagles tie it at 4
Sanford hits a 3 and it's 7-4 Rockets
EMU misses and UT gets possession

Jon Jon scores and it's 9-4 UT
Foul on Boothe takes it to the first media timeout. Rockets lead 9-4 and the Eagles have possession when play resumes
15:44 left in the first half.
Actually, it was a shooting foul

First one no good

Second one good. 9-5 UT
Boothe scores and it's 11-5 Rockets
Organ donations during time out fired up the home crowd.........

Love that marketing
Eagles miss and the ball goes out of bounds. UT ball

UT misses and EMU rebounds

Eagles miss and there's a scramble for the ball. Rockets get it but are out of bounds when they get possession

EMU gets a 3 and it's 11-8 UT
UT misses and EMU rebounds

Offensive foul on the Eagles
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