Full Version: OT: Local High School Basketball Talent
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Anybody know anything about John Cover, senior guard at Grassfield in Chesapeake? He is the grandson of a friend of mine, and I've noticed that he has been scoring 18-20 points pretty regularly. I understand he hit 28 Thursday against Oscar Smith.

I have not had a chance to see him play. Does anybody know if he is a D-I talent?
Cover, Caver, Carver.

I would love to hear Jack Ankerson attempt it.
Maybe Korver has a little brother?
Channel 10 or 13 did a segment on Bash Townes during the sports report of the news a few days ago. Watching the video of him he reminded me of that player who many on here were wanting ODU to go after that used to play at Niagra (I believe) and was transferring. I think he ended up signing with JMU.

I say he reminded me of him solely by his build although Bash might be taller. He looked like a forward with sort of the Ricardo Leonard body type. Anyway, he sounded like he was a decent player from that short one minute or so report.
Here's a new article from the VP....a really BIG recruit. Only a soph but according to the article he has an offer from ODU.

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