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I'll update this thread throughout the day as signings are made.

[Image: CaOhTaaUUAAzQkP.jpg]



Confirmed Signings
1) Isaiah Laster DB 6'1 210lb Cary, NC
2) Jaret Anderson RB 5'10 200lb Charlotte, NC
3) Daniel Evers OL 6'4 290lb Fort Lauderdale, FL
4) Jake Walter DE 6'4 245lb Haddonfield, NJ
5) Anthony Mague WR 6'3 210lb Medford, NJ
6) Arman Jones OLB 6'3 215lb Chesapeake, VA
7) Gavin Johnson DE 6'4 235lb Apopka, FL
8 ) Dean Rotger QB 6'1 190lb Poughkeepsie, NY
9) Alex Purviance LB 6'2 210lb Pfafftown, NC
10) Nathan Lewis DB 6'1 180lb Chesapeake, VA
11) Jordan Lowery WR 5'11 180lb Roanoke, VA
12) Robbie Omelchenko DE 6'3 248lb Washington, DC
13) Noah Giles RB 6'0 190lb Suffolk, VA
We all appreciate the terrific job you do informing the board of Tribe recruits. Looking forward to a big signing day for Jimmye and the staff...went past the football building last night around seven and all the coaches' autos were still there.
You forgot Jaret Anderson.
The mystery NC commit has signed
[Image: CaSfdrwWAAEnrn5.jpg]
Wow! Shows how much we know. I smell a switch to OLB.

[Image: CaSeGHXWkAAhAn-.jpg]
[Image: CaShQ7ZWAAAWLPC.jpg]
North Carolina representing so far
[Image: CaSkSbKWYAAVPHO.jpg]
(02-03-2016 07:35 AM)mrjoolius Wrote: [ -> ][Image: CaSeGHXWkAAhAn-.jpg]

Evers is already enrolled, and will participate in winter workouts and spring ball.
Only four Virginia scholarships?

Very interesting.

I take it to mean that our recruiting has really branched out, and that the funding has improved to finance this?
Pretty sure the other N.C. mystery was Daniel Evers. I see in his profile that he played for Chapel Hill East prior to St. Thomas Aquinas and Fork Union. May actually be from Chapel Hill.
Arman Jones signed
Gavin Johnson signed
Anthony Mague sigbed
[Image: CaSrnExXEAAqEWG.jpg]
[Image: CaSsaMCWwAAKZxc.jpg]
[Image: CaSs4SbWEAAjs4A.jpg]
[Image: CaSu879XEAEFLv7.jpg]
No surprise commits (other than the suspected Laster) or departures so far
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