Full Version: Recruiting update
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Pitt flips Clairton (WR) Aaron Mathews from PSU and Damar Hamlin commits to Pitt. Going to be a fun couple of days with signing day being tomorrow.
Rumors that perhaps Toney is flipping to Pitt as well.
Toney is staying with PSU...
Looks like Top 300 DT Camp will pick tho
Keyshawn Camp from Florida signed this morning. Great way to finish up the class.
Pitt got another singey in DT Weaver... Pitt closes with a class of 25 and a top 30 class.
Seems like we signed a really nice class this year. Narduzzi is a relentless recruiter, that's for sure.
Yep..... looks like a very nice class on paper. I hope the kids develop and contribute and they get that education so they can be successful no matter what they do.

I wonder who is going to leave to get to 85?
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