Full Version: Steelers going forward
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Believe it or not, but I think the Steelers defense will be fine in the long-term. That doesn't mean that depth isn't an issue as well as the secondary needs a starter or two. This past year the defense played good enough to win most games, but collapsed at key points of those games, see yesterday. It's very understandable if people aren't high on Jarvis Jones, and it's a fair criticism (being that he's only had five sacks in three seasons); however, he really seemed to be stepping his game up these past three games, especially in the Bengals game. Perhaps it's a little too late for him. But going forward, I'd be ok with Dupree, Jones, Timmons, and Shazier, plus our front three is very solid. The only starter in the secondary I'm really comfortable with is Mitchell. Willie Gay is at best a #2 CB and could be a solid nickel-back.

Going into the draft, I draft the best available secondary choice, whether its FS or CB. I think we can find a solid TE in the 2nd or 3rd Round. But I'd really attempt to find a FS and/or S option in the FA market.
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