Full Version: IW 82 @ Rice 76
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[Image: inca-sm.png]IW 82
Shooting 29-57 (.509)
3PT Shooting 12-20 (.600)
Free Throws 12-21 (.571)
Rebounds 7-30
Turnovers 13
K. Hittle 31pts 8rebs
S. Johnson 16pts 7rebs
2 others in double figures for IW.
Keep in mind, IW's leading scorer, Jontrell Walker was out and did not play.

[Image: rice-sm.png]Rice 76
Shooting 25-59 (.424)
3PT Shooting 8-25 (.320)
Free Throws 18-23 (.783)
Rebounds 14-42
Turnovers 16
E. Koulechov 19pts 17 rebs
M. Evans 18pts 1reb
M. Guercy 17pts 1reb
C. Cashaw 8pts 4rebs
A. Drone 5pts 8rebs

both Evans and Cashaw fouled out

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