Full Version: Pitt - Navy Predictions and Thread
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Navy 42 - 31
Pitt 34
Navy 14
(12-28-2015 10:18 AM)ClairtonPanther Wrote: [ -> ]Pitt 34
Navy 14

So far, so good! 99-yard TD KR to open the game... I'm lovin' it!
Our D seems to be getting tighter on 1/2 downs just getting off the field on 3d down is the issue.
Blewitt missed another one..... he is so frustrating....
Still 14-7 Navy. Need a stop on D
Finally a stop on D.... shank punk and Pitt has it on their own 35 to start
The Pitt O needs get moving and score alot ..... I'm not counting on the D to make a lot of stops.
Another TD Navy after a long drive after Pederman throws the INT

21-7 Navy about 2 min left in the half
Shaking head.... 21-7 Navy at the half
When will the Panthers start winning?

The best defense is a good offense... when will Pitt's O score some points?

SERIOUS QUESTIONS!!! I'm pulling for you guys but it's not working!!!
Backbreaking TD for Navy 38-21
Quick TD Pitt - 38-28 Navy
Another TD Navy ....... 44-28 (Blocked XP)
4 minutes left
Ballgame...... Pederman INT
44-28 Navy

I had a feeling this game was going to bad (predicted 42-31). They couldn't stop GT and Navy has a better O.

Certainly a disappointment after starting 6-1 but 8-5 is good to build on.
Thanks to the seniors for all of their hard work and commitment considering all of the coaching changes.
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