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I am leaving the moderator position and returning to "regular poster" status effective immediately. Have held this position for a good while, and think we have great boards, but it is time for me to move on. Your support and comments have been much appreciated, and fully feel that ODUalum78 and Cr8n will do a terrific job here with any further input from me.

For those that remember the CAA zone, I personally had huge issues with an entrenched moderator from another fanbase who moderated our boards. While such conflicts of interest do not exist here, I believe that such positions as moderator need to be temporary, to keep fresh blood and minimize any longstanding perceptions of bias. With that, I need to follow my principles and act accordingly. No event or issue has spurred this. In fact, was considering it last year in a conversation with Alum at a tailgate. However, it is time to move on. Thanks for the confidence, and know that Smitty's tailgates are open to all ODU fans that dare venture to the Blue Lot.

This thread will automatically move to Off-Topic in 2 days, to avoid clouding what should be a great sports weekend.
Smitty... it's been a pleasure sir!

Now, what is your position the federal budget and national security issues? LOL
Many thanks for getting us up and running on this new forum. It is not a job that I (or most others on this site) are willing to handle.

You performed it well, with style and humor, and with very little in the way of previous thanks.

Until now -- THANK YOU, SMITTY!
Thanks Smitty. Wonderful job.
Thanks for a great job, Smitty. Glad you're not leaving the boards!
Thanks Smitty. You have played a clean game.
This board would be far different without Smitty's leadership, and not in a good way.
Thanks for everything!
Job well done!!!
Great job Smitty. Thank you for the sustained effort you have put into this mostly thankless job.
Good work, Smitty. I don't blame you for stepping away.
A thankless job. But thanks.
It was a good run, Smitty! Job well done.
Your service to the boards will always be remembered.
[Image: clap.gif]

You did a fantastic job.
Now you can sign on at Damnation and really give Feces U the crap they deserve!

Thanks for all you did!
Smitty, thank you for your time and your fair and concise attention to details that have directed the boards in a positive direction. As many have said your dedication to a very thankless job has been greatly appreciated,

I look forward to reading your post in the future. Your witty and humorous insights along with your Bleed Blue approach to defend Monarch Nation demonstrates how the pen is mightier than the sword. I have always found myself looking forward to your next post and response.

Again Smitty, thank you..... you have been a great moderator and along with ODUalum78 and Cr8n, the three of you clearly have made ODU's board one of the best.
Well done Smitty. Thank you.
(11-20-2015 08:37 AM)EverRespect Wrote: [ -> ]Good work, Smitty. I don't blame you for stepping away.

A job well done smitty!
Well done good and faithful servant. 04-bow
Thanks Monarch brother Smitty!
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