Full Version: Disappointing loss to be sure......
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....but NIU played with more poise, executed their plays better than UT and made fewer mistakes and thus earned the victory fair and square....and they did so after sustaining a number of injuries to key players. I really thought this was UT's year to finally break the NIU curse because of better overall talent; however, poor execution on the part of UT combined with the NIU level of play and poise simply earned NIU the win.

The offence has been and making mistakes all year; however, the difference is that whereas early on the defense was playing lights out which provide a margin of safety that covered for mistakes by the offense, that has NOT been the case the last two games----maybe the defense misses Jaylen Coleman more than we realize. One person should not make that much difference but the D's performance over the last two game has not been on the same level as in earlier games in regards to points yielded.

Unfortunately the Rockets luck that helped them win games #1 and #2 ran out on them tonight before a national TV audience and they can forget any New Year Day bowl game and they can forget any national ranking at least for the foreseeable future. They still are in the hunt for a MAC championship, however, unlike NIU or WMU, Toledo no longer controls its own fate----this is exactly like last year when NIU lost to CMU but took its annual win over UT such that they were both had one loss but NIU had the tie-breaker over UT----and we know how that turned out last year.

A perfect season is a very rare thing in college football so it should be not surprise that the Rockets lost----however, I figured that it would be BG, not NIU that beat them this year. It is very, very difficult for any college (or pro) football team to go undefeated for the entire season because it is nearly impossible to adequately get up for every game week in and week out without any letdown and play near error free ball all the time----and the Rockets certainly were just not able to do that tonight. At this point they now need to regroup and and go out and win their last 3 games and hope for some help to eliminate NIU from the MACC race.

Above all else they need to rise above the disappointment of the 6th straight NIU loss and avoid another Akron type NIU hangover game which cost them the a bowl invitation a couple of years ago. At this point the worse thing that can happen is that they finish season like the 1997 team that started the season 8-0 and ranked 18th in the AP before coming out flat at Ball State and losing....and ended up losing 3 of their last 4 games.
(11-04-2015 01:06 AM)T-Town Wrote: [ -> ]...and ended up losing 3 of their last 4 games.

This is so happening. Surest bet of the the football season. And I don't say that because I'm mad. I say that because of what we've seen on the field. Our first 8 games were cake walks that didn't always come as easy as they should have. That dude from UMass (cagebanks?) last week was not that far off the mark. We were never as good as the rest of the country thought we were and we drank the cool-aid.
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