Full Version: In the End
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1) Toledo just did what has done all season, they just did it for the entire game (penalties, dropped passes, ran the wrong routes, threw terrible passes, and bad snaps).
2) Campbell's biggest win remains the bowl wing against Air Force
3)Toledo still hasn't figured out how to beat NIU's system, despite NIU losing their QB and a WR.

The only surprising things, besides playing like crap the entire game, was the lack of adjustments on offense and the d-line presence or lack there of. No outside runs, no screeens; just run it up the middle and throw a long pass down the side lines (except for the final interception).

Campbell and company looks more like the new John Cooper of Ohio; all the talent and no wins when it matters. This team will get slaughtered by BGSU, WMU, and possibly CMU. The should just run the wishbone.
1) Agree
2) What about Arkansas?
3) To me it's simple. They made their killer plays throwing the ball over the middle--before and after the #1QB and WR went out. This has been going on for years now. The weakness isn't as easily exposed by an inconsistent QB, but a good one will tear us to shreds. Lynch and Wenning both did that to us a couple years ago. I dread to see what Johnson will do.
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