Full Version: Pitt vs ND
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It'll be a noon start.....

Was under the impression that Gameday may be coming. Oh well.
Sucks but that is great for me
Looking ahead, are we?

UNC tomorrow night!

Seriously, though, I'm a little surprised about ND at noon. I did see others speculating it may have to do with the Steelers playing the next day at 1 pm.
Predictions for tomorrow? 31-20 Irish (late Pitt TD just like against UNC). I think that the D will have trouble with ND's offense unfortunately.
I tend to think this comes down to the final 5 minutes of the game to decide. Regardless of the talent level, we seem to play some of our best ball against the Irish. 27-24 seems to be a very likely score.
Refs did a number on Pitt in the first half... calling everything on Pitt while letting ND get away with assault.
Pitt just hasn't had a good game. I thought ND's offense would score and the matchup wasn't good but the tackling and overall performance has been disappointing.
Pitt pulls within 12 on a fumble return TD. Now if they can only execute an onside kick...
42 - 30 ND.... onto Duke
My quick/early thoughts on the game is simple: we got our asses kicked.
ND was a lot better than we were. There's really not much else to say about this game. Pitt does not have the talent to hang out with ND unless they play perfect football. They played far from perfect football today. Predictably, then, they lost.

On to the next game. I think we'll at least be in all of them from here on out.
Couple of thoughts:

Point blank, Pitt was just outclassed by a better team at every position on the field. The only player that could potentially start for Notre Dame is Tyler Boyd. With that said, I loved some of the aggression that I've seen even though the plays didn't work out for us. Perhaps the design of the fleeflicker could've been better. But we also gotta credit ND's backside guy for staying at home and making a play. Maybe Kelly saw the onside kick coming, I don't know; however, I felt the timing of it was perfect. We get a TD on the first drive of the half, get the onside kick and we'd have some momentum on our side to possibly bring the game within a touchdown. We don't get the onside kick and they get a TD of their own and it's back to a 17 point deficit.

Our DL was disappointing to me. I think their OL had something to do with that, but man. It just seemed like every run play gashed us for 5-6 yards a pop. I'm rather convinced that ND would've beaten us if they ran the ball 60X's yesterday. For example, Price gets a huge sack and they lose about 7-8 yards, then ND runs the ball for 15 to make it a reasonable 3rd and 3. Then, even when we blitzed, Kizer had three hours to chill in the backfield and find an open receiver downfield.

I still think the direction of our team/program is on the upswing. But after reading the lair and posts on Pitt Panthers Fanatics (I encourage all to join that Facebook page) it was like we're 0-9 with no shot to ever win a game ever again.
Yeah, getting ND into 2nd and long and only to have them be 3rd and short was frustrating to see. It seemed that the Pitt D was only getting a part of the tackle and they guy would just keep going - so instead of a short/no gain, it would turn into 7-8.

Anyway, the combined record of teams Pitt has lost to is 25-2 while the teams they beat are 17-28 (excluding YSU). The final three games are a combined 17-10. Let's see if they can pull out two wins. I didn't watch the Duke-UNC game to know whether it was just one of those days (for example, like Pitt had against GaTech last year) for Duke. I think Pitt's chances are ok but they need to keep the mental mistakes to a minimum. If they have TOs, dropped passes, etc, they will lose. The offense will need to score at least 30 to win.
I wasn't sure if you saw this but people were wondering why Ollison's not in there in passing situations (especially last game against UNC).... here you go


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