Full Version: I Like Chaney
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Despite the fact that this is the most reasonable Pitt board on the net, I don't know how this will be received - I like Chaney as OC.

I can't figure out what type of offense he runs. I think the best way to describe it is multiple. At times, we're the same power running offense we were with Chryst. At other times, we're the pro style offense we saw under Wannstedt. Still, at other times, we're focusing on the passing game with short and intermediate routes a la the west coast scheme seen in the 2000s in the NFL. We run pistol, I formation, Ace backfield, Shotgun, etc. Every once in a while we throw in Chad Voytik at QB. Against GT we used Tyler Boyd at RB.

I like it. I think his offense is whatever works against the opponent. That's where you want to be. I went back and re-watched the GT game. He just about mastered the game from 7 minutes on in the fourth quarter. The whole drive was based on milking the clock and it worked to perfection.

At the end of the day, I think Chaney has done a really good job with the offense. He's getting it done.
I like that they are multiple. I'm surprised though that they don't go down the field more often since Pederman has a nice arm but at the end of the day, I don't care what offense Chaney runs as long as they win.

Against SU, Boyd was everywhere on offense. I thought it was strange they kept going 'lateral' with runs and passes but I think the announcers said that UVa had a lot of success against their D the previous week?
I thought it was strange that we didn't pass more against SU. It seemed like we were only passing when we had to - 3rd and long. Our run game really wasn't impressive against them until the last drive in the 4th quarter but we kept hammering it. At the same time, it did appear they were getting penetration when we did try to pass and so I wonder if this was just Chaney trying to protect Peterman.

Once again we ran a ton of clock in the 4th quarter and won the game when it mattered most. Play calling was uninspiring at that time but I liked the way Chaney worked the clock. So many times I've seen Pitt teams leave too much time for the opponent to score. Two weeks in a row we've had the fortune of pounding the ball down the defense's throat and then kicking a FG that either wins the game or we go to OT. Not bad.

I'm interested to see what happens on Thursday. Can't wait.
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