Full Version: Blue Top White Pants
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No, it's not Penn State.

Pitt equipment says that's our combo for Saturday against GT. Just passing the info along for anybody who cares.

Bet the house that Pitt loses now!
I'm feeling good. Don't know if it's the beer or the team but either way, like James Brown, I feel good.

I'm a little surprised by this uni combo. I don't think we've ever seen it. I think it will look pretty good, though. I'm starting to wonder what the aversion to the gold pants is as they haven't made an appearance yet and they were our staple since we got these uniforms.
I'm ready to see how it looks once they don the uniforms. It's an interesting combo.
They can wear the blue tops and white pants again..... lol.......
I didn't really dig the look but they can wear it as long as they win.
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