Full Version: Vanderbilt powerhouse?
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When do the Vanderbilt fans think they will have a team that can compete with SEC teams?
they don't! They are much like OLE MISS, if something good happens, it is a pleasant surprise!
They may not expect to ever win the SEC, but I don't think they have given up on being competitive. :frown:
Is Vandy going Division II or is that just a rumor?


USMFAN#1 Wrote:Is Vandy going Division II or is that just a rumor?
There has been a lot of talk about the Vandy program. Someone, can't remember who, said they were a founding member of the SEC, so I doubt they will leave. However, when the president of the University states that he is "Declaring War" on the athletics program, it doesn't look good. Same ole same ole, just rumors.
Vandy did win an SEC basketball title in 1992-93 I believe.

They just need to look at other private schools like Duke, Stanford, etc. to see how to field a good athletic team.

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