Full Version: Is CUSA out of diapers after this week?
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CUSA fans have said their conference on many occasions is the biggest, baddest, best G5 conference. They have more TV sets than any G5 and at the end of the day it translates into the best teams.

This week CUSA earns the award for crapping its padded football pants. Three non-conference games where CUSA foes lost by 46+ points including a 49-0 drubbing of Old Dominion by a Sun Belt Conference.

Appalachian State 49 Old Dominion 0 01-rivals
Iowa 62 North Texas 16 01-rivals
Baylor 70 Rice 17 01-rivals

A honorable mention goes out to UTEP which beat Incarnate Word by a score of 27-17. Incarnate Word started football in 2009 and is in its 3rd season of Division 1 after moving from Division 2 in 2013.


1) Why does a school that has played at the very top level of college football for 100 years in major conference such as the Border, WAC and CUSA that has played Arizona 51 times, Arizona State 49 times and BYU 35 times put such a lowly school like Incarnate Word on their home schedule? How is Incarnate Word deserving of a Sun Bowl appearance?

2) How then once on the schedule do you allow Incarnate Word, an FCS school with an all time record of 24-47 push you around in the Sun Bowl? How is it possible for UTEP to be tied 17-17 with the Incarnate Word going into the 4th quarter?

3) If your school is named the Incarnate Word how in god's name do you recruit athletes to compete with a high tradition football bowl subdivision school? I couldn't imagine any legit FCS recruit putting a site visit to the Incarnate Word on their bucket list.

One piece of poo for every Incarnate Word point scored.

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