Full Version: Pitt - Akron
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Pitt wins 24-7 with Peterman playing most of the game. D played great! I'll be honest and say that when Akron went up 7-3 I thought here we go again. That TD right before the half was great and gave a lot of momentum.

Onto Iowa! This is the last game of a 4 game series I believe with Pitt winning 1 (in 2008 with Wanny as HC) and Iowa the last two over Graham and Chryst (in 2011 and 2014).

Unfortunately, I don't think I'll be able to watch this one.
I told my brother before this week that I thought Pitt would lose to Akron. It's been Pitt's MO since Wannstedt was the coach. It was really nice to see it not happen this time. I had the same thought that you did - once Akron scored a TD I thought the Pitt team would turtle up. Didn't happen.

What happened, instead, was pretty awesome. At the end of the game, we had thoroughly dominated Akron. When they were making stupid penalties with Pitt driving I turned to my wife and said - this is domination. Akron's players were finished and it showed in their stupid penalties that allowed Pitt to score again.

I can't remember a Pitt team doing that, especially after facing adversity. Tino finished his Pitt career with, what, 0 come from behind wins? Pretty unbelievable but I'll take what we get now.

It's too early to tell for me if Narduzzi has changed the culture at Pitt. This game was a gold star on his record for heading in that direction, though. Good win!
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