Full Version: Pitt football's got demons. Pat Narduzzi might be the guy to exorcise them
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Saw this poster on the blather and thought it was an interesting read:


One of the interesting things was this:

Call it the Curse of Johnny Majors. In the last 18 seasons, since Majors retired and Walt Harris took over, Pitt has had a winning record in one-possession games just five times and has been at least two games under .500 in such games nine times. In this nearly two-decade sample, the Panthers are 35-53 in these contests, a 0.397 win percentage.

That's incredible.

In three years under Chryst, Pitt ranked in the F/+ top 50 three times and boasted a strong offense (24th in 2014) and defenses (26th in 2012, 32nd in 2013). But they went 5-10 in one-score games and managed an 18-20 record overall.

*** Let's hope they can start to turn this around....
wow.... Interesting research...
Narduzzi will take Pitt to a new level, not sure how high, but with his work ethics implemented and training under Dantonio, he'll have Pitt competitive at the very least. Will be watching Pitt very closely these next few years.
Appreciate you coming here to say that. Best of luck to your Spartans bud.... 04-cheers
Good luck to Pitt this season.
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