Full Version: OT: "ISIS" in Norfolk?
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Looks as if there are numerous people on the south side that are included on the 'kill list' issued by "ISIS"


These are the listed cities for Virginia that are apparently under threat

Virginia: Burke, Virginia Beach, Suffolk, Springfield, Norfolk, Chesapeake

Has anyone heard anything about this locally? I'm not in the area, traveling for a while on business. I'm just curious what the local reaction has been to this, if any. Hard to ignore these threats now considering we've been touched inside our boarders just the other day. This threat coincides with the alleged 71 "ISIS" members that are said to be operating in numerous states around the country including Virginia.

Sorry if this doesn't belong here but the off-topic board seems as good as dead.
Interested in you all's take on this. Seems like a pretty big deal to me.
I know there was a report on it in March here.
Should be taken very serious on account of what occurred in Texas a couple days ago. Unfortunately, Hampton Roads is a very attractive target because of all the military assets here.

How serious is this threat being taken? Not very, BUT when people are about to protest about police brutality, they mobilize in minutes and have National Guard on standby. Now we have a real threat and nothing is being done to protect us!

I think stuff like this should go here. Off topic stuff.
ISIS attack is about 3,567,589th on the list of things you should be worried about in life.
Moving this to OT and leaving a stub for a day or so. Thanks!
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