Full Version: New Turf
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What's the consensus on the new turf?

[Image: CD3WFcaUgAA4ocu.jpg:large]

I like it, except I hope they don't really lop off the speed lines from the cardinal logo. It just doesn't look right without them.
I guess I didn't notice that but I agree. I don't believe the endzones were painted either, right?
I like the new look, but agree about the speed lines!
The speed lines have definitely been lopped off from the Cardinal head on the new turf. They are gone. Wouldn't be surprised to see them left off the Cardinal head on the new basketball floor in the arena as well.
(05-26-2015 11:24 AM)mufanatehc Wrote: [ -> ]

Saw the new carpet while at the MAC Track Championship games - that is the brightest red carpet I have ever seen! It would blind you on a sunny day - i like it! The speed lines need to be their with the Cardinal logo, it doesn't look right without them.
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