Full Version: MBB: Northern Illinois at Toledo game thread
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NIU misses and UT misses

Foul on the Huskies

Media timeout with 3:48 left.
Under 4 to go in the half and we aren't in the bonus yet. All you need to know about what we aren't doing well.
Weatherspoon scores and it's 35-28 NIU
Huskies miss and can't control the rebound. UT ball
UT misses and NIU rebounds

Huskies score and it's 37-28 NIU
Foul on NIU. Juice at the line

He makes the first.

And the second is good. 37-30 NIU
Defense really needs to pick things up. Huskies on a pace for 80+ points

NIU misses, UT rebounds and Juice gets a 3

UT down 4

Timeout NIU
NIU turns it over
Weatherspoon is going to the line
J. D. misses the first.

Second one is good

37-34 NIU
Huskies score and there is a foul on the play. Lauf called for the foul
Free throw is no good

39-34 NIU
UT turns it over
Timeout NIU.
Shot clock is off
Huskies score to end the half

41-34 NIU. I think NIU has the ball to start the second half
One of the worst halfs of basketball I've seen from a Rocket team in awhile. No energy on offense or defense...getting physically manhandled and out hustled. Suffice to say a very different team better come out of the locker room at half if we want to pull this one out.
The interior defense, oof. A lot of dunks and easy shots within 7 feet.
Rocket fuel needed for the second half
NIU has some BIG dudes. Threloff is huge and another guy is bigger.
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