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(02-26-2015 08:39 PM)H2Oville Rocket Wrote: [ -> ]
(02-26-2015 08:36 PM)Rocket A Wrote: [ -> ]I hate calling the timeout with 7.2 seconds left, Run your offense, don't let the defense get set up. UT struggles with inbounding the ball anyways, then NIU runs 3 guys at Juice and he has to shoot a contested fade away jumper. I agree with those that say take the ball to the hole, be aggressive, possibly draw a foul,

The good news is that the conference tournament isn't played at Savage.

AND, more good news, two of our last three are on the road. Of course if we end up with a first round home game we're screwed.

Exactly. And [sarcasm alert] someone who lives near campus should go break a water main tomorrow. Maybe this time instead of postponing the game it could be played in Ann Arbor or Ypsilanti or even Muncie. Anywhere but Savage. 05-stirthepot
juice is a great 1 on 1 player. he, like everyone else, is a lousy 1 on 3 player. i will put the ball in juice's hands 1 on 1 for a last shot every time. he, and our staff should recognize the need to move the ball if he draws a double or triple team. remember, montgomery called his last timeout after ours when we set up the inbounds play. he then designed his defense to fly at juice with multiple help defenders. drummond was wide open cross court at the 3 pt line. booth was open. juice had made his mind up to shoot, the play was drawn for him. he had a hard time seeing around 2 big help defenders. niu has a good coach and their coaching in the final minute was excellent.

also give niu credit. they made plays all night. some of it was our mediocre play on d and the boards, but they stepped up. personally, i didn't think we played as flat as some of our other home losses. i thought niu played the perfect game.

fortunately, the mac tourney isn't at savage. now, let's go to cmu and emu and get that double bye.
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