Full Version: MBB: Northern Illinois at Toledo game thread
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Jon Jon gets a 3 and UT is down 1
Huskies turn it over

Media timeout with 12:32 left. NIU leads 15-14; UT has the ball when play resumes
Foul on the Huskies. Non-shooting. First foul on NIU
Garber is fouled and that takes it to another media timeout.

UT still down 1.
Why do we start home games so sluggishly?
Garber at the line for two.

First one is good.

Second one is good.

UT leads 16-15
I watched Spoon looking inside saying "no, don't pass it inside to Zach"…but he did…. Zach fouled on the play…whew!
(02-25-2015 08:27 PM)bcunn3128 Wrote: [ -> ]Why do we start home games so sluggishly?

Missed several open shots
Foul on Weatherspoon and NIU will be at the line

First one is good

Second one is good

17-16 Huskies
UT turns it over. And Jon Jon called for a foul after that
Huskies score and it's 19-16 NIU

Come on, Rockets
Rockets miss and Garber can't control the rebound
Huskies score and it's 21-16 NIU
Line change coming up for the Rockets
Drummond scores and it's 21-18 NIU

Defense needs to pick things up

But the Huskies get a 3 and it's 24-18
UT misses and Lauf fouls on the rebound
I guess we should have offered to play all of our games on the road. A loss at home to Northern would be pretty pathetic.
Foul on Boothe. Four on the Rockets

Shooting foul

First one is good

Second one good

NIU up 8
Here we go again.
Foul on the Huskies and Boothe will be at the line
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