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Because I referee practically every day, I won't be able to attend a men's home game for rest of season. Hopefully I'll catch them in Cleveland but in the meantime, I am offering up my remaining tickets, parking passes, and food vouchers to anyone who wants them. Send me your mailing address via pm and I'll get them to you as/ap.
If nobody claims them if you want to send em to me ill give them away at work. I always have other teachers say they need to go to a game but never do.
Rocket _Man your pm is disabled but they are yours...
(02-09-2015 08:22 PM)Rocket_Fanatic Wrote: [ -> ]Rocket _Man your pm is disabled but they are yours...

Thanks Rocket Fanatic! Got them today!

That was so nice of you! Much appreciated!

Wishing you all the very best!

You're welcome
Rocket_Man... For some reason I can't send you a private message. It says it's disabled.

But here's my reply to your message:

It was no problem. My officiating schedule this year is packed so I have don't have much free time but I'm in Toledo right now catching womens game vs NIU. I'll be at MAC tourney in Cleveland so hope to see u there!

Go Rockets!

I've got 2 tickets plus a premium parking pass for tomorrow's game if anyone wants them and lives in the dayton area.
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