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Thank you, BG. Every MAC game but ours decided by two or fewer points with UB leading BSU by two w ten seconds to go.
Wow! The MAC sure is a cluster f***.

Toledo, Buffalo, BG, Akron, Kent St. -- all 6-3
CMU, WMU -- 5-4

7 teams within 1 game for first place!
Look to see the Rockets continue this win streak easily (hopefully) at ball st. this saturday. They would then keep the lead and gain some separation on Central or Western as they do battle on the same day. Then two tough games in week 6, @Buffalo then home to Kent on a Friday night special 6p.m. (don't forget they moved it!) it will be broadcasted on ESPNU if I recall correctly. Taking one of those games is a must to keep the pressure on those top 4 seeds while taking both could prove to lead to a top 2 seed. GO ROCKETSSSS
BSU is up and down but we should be building some confidence. Gotta take a game on the road against CMU or WMU.
team finally starting to play like was expected. let's keep up the momentum and improvement.
Drummond has been on fire lately. Good shot selection and patience.
Nice to be in this position at the halfway mark after the poor start.

The big boy games start now, though. Ball st has the worst record in the league, but it's never easy there.

After that, we get all of the contenders.
(02-05-2015 06:23 AM)H2Oville Rocket Wrote: [ -> ]Drummond has been on fire lately. Good shot selection and patience.

IMO, these past 2 games (and wins) have been his best overall performances this season. Maybe a switch has been flipped!
Ever since the BG coach made the comment that Drummond was Robin to Juice's Batman, they have been playing terrific basketball. Would that make JD the Joker? JonJon has to be the Riddler since it is a riddle why some nights he makes everything and other nights he is super cold. Boothe of course is the Penguin.
It may be false optimism but I am really excited for the game in buffalo tomorrow. Hard not to be on the back of a five game win streak. I think we match up great against buffalo and if moss gets shut down or in foul trouble early they will have a hard time scoring. Go ROCKETS
JD has the athleticism to shut down Moss. We will see if JD has the desire to do so.
main thing is that we guard their perimeter guys well. bearden is a driver, and skeet and evans are streak shooters. if we keep them out of rhythm we will outscore them. boothe needs to be on the floor. ford, johnson, regain are all solid sidekicks to moss.
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