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This is the best class to date that USF has got.

OT Thomas Edenfield
(Bartram Trail HS)
Jacksonville, FL 6-6/295 02/07/2007
South Florida
TE Mike McGowan
(West Boca Raton HS)
Boca Raton, FL 6-4/230/4.80 02/07/2007
South Florida
DE Patrick Hampton
(King HS)
Lithonia, GA 6-3/215 02/05/2007
South Florida
DE Claude Davis
(Lake Gibson Senior HS)
Lakeland, FL 6-3/225/4.70 02/04/2007
South Florida
TE Kavenski McGee
(Pahokee HS)
Pahokee, FL 6-3/245/4.70 02/04/2007
South Florida
CB Tyson Butler
(Cypress Lake HS)
Fort Myers, FL 5-11/175/4.40 01/14/2007
South Florida
WR Dontavia Bogan
(Thomas County Central HS)
Thomasville, GA 6-1/187/4.49 01/14/2007
South Florida
MLB Calvin Sutton
(Deland HS)
Deland, FL 5-11/215/4.60 01/07/2007
South Florida
RB Mike Ford (future star)
Wesson, MS 6-1/225 12/28/2006
South Florida
WR Carlton Hill
(Pearl River)
Poplarville, MS 6-2/215 12/18/2006
South Florida
DT Terrell McClain
(Pensacola HS)
Pensacola, FL 6-3/290 12/18/2006
South Florida
C Kevin McCaskill
(Amos P. Godby HS)
Tallahassee, FL 6-2.5/290 12/15/2006
South Florida
WR Kevin Williams
(Gibbs HS)
Saint Petersburg, FL 5-11/175 12/15/2006
South Florida
S Charlton Sinclair
(Mandarin HS)
Jacksonville, FL 6-0/190/4.50 12/14/2006
South Florida
OT Lawrence McCoy
(Valdosta HS)
Valdosta, GA 6-6/265 12/13/2006
South Florida
DT Kyle Dampier
(Merritt Island Senior HS)
Merritt Island, FL 6-3/275/5.00 12/06/2006
South Florida
FB Richard Kelly
(South Sumter HS)
Bushnell, FL 6-0/240/4.70 12/05/2006
South Florida
RB Josh Bellamy
(Boca Ciega HS)
Gulfport, FL 6-0/180 11/30/2006
South Florida
C Sampson Genus
(Columbia HS - North)
Lake City, FL 6-1/319 11/06/2006
South Florida
DE Darren Powe
(Lafayette HS)
Mayo, FL 6-2/230 11/04/2006
South Florida
WR Patrick Richardson
(W. J. Woodham HS)
Pensacola, FL 6-1/185/4.40 10/25/2006
South Florida
CB Quenton Washington
(North Fort Myers HS)
N Ft Myers, FL 5-11/165 08/17/2006
South Florida
QB Alton Voss
(Gulf HS)
New Port Richey, FL 6-2.5/218/4.61 08/11/2006
South Florida
MLB Donte Spires
(Pearl River)
Poplarville, MS 6-3/230 08/07/2006
South Florida
DT Jeremiah Warren
(Bay Senior HS)
Panama City, FL 6-3/290 08/01/2006
South Florida
DE David Fonua
(Southeast HS)
Bradenton, FL 6-2/255 08/01/2006
South Florida


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