Full Version: LET THE SMACK BEGIN!!!
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Death to Georgia, I say. Vengeful death. I'm talking about Palestinian suicide bombing death. Death to Georgia.

Death to Georgia. I'm talking about secret government cancer-implanted death, CIA/KGB do it however you have to death. Just please, please kill GEORGIA!

Death to Georgia. I'm talking about Ronnie Lott finger amputation, street-slangin' Soljah death. Death as a choice from keeping my daughters from getting raped by the Huns warrior death.

Death to Georgia.

Death to Georgia.

Death to Georgia.

Inhabitors of the Cesspool be damned!

There now. I've said it, and I'm spent.
You need help.
Quote:Good morning, nerd lurkers. I'm just kidding about The Road To Boise. I know that only about 100 of you will actually make the trip to the Humanitarian Bowl, and since you probably have as many alumni designing and maintaining sewers in Boise as you do anywhere (by the way, pencil necks....nice job on the sewer design in Atlanta. You "gys" must be so proud every time one collapses and a parking lot full of cars disappears), someone may show up. But, I digress....today, it's all about helping you come to grips with the pasting you have waiting for you on Saturday.

That's right, all you GTU whiners. You know it's coming. All your little tantrums on the Hive PBM cant hide the fact that you see it coming just like we do. Today, it stands at nine out of twelve in a row, baby. Just think: in about 25 years, you nerds are going to look back on the 90s, when Ray Goff was kicking your chirpy behinds, as the Golden Era of the Rivalry for the last 50 years.

I'm not saying you won't ever beat us again. Accidents happen. Injuries happen (they've happened to us by the ton this year, but not enough to help you). Bad calls happen. 2001 was a restoration of order to the universe. 2002 was a glimpse of your future. 2003 is just the crushing grip of cold, hard reality. My prediction? In the words of the immortal thespian, Mr. T, as he portrayed the savage boxing machine known as Clubber Lang in Rocky III (a role cruelly overlooked by Oscar, in my opinion), "Pain. Much pain."

Sack it up, nerds. It only gets worse for you from here. Maybe this year, the 10,000 or so of you that actually show up at the Joke By Coke can start streaming for the exits in the first quarter instead of waiting for halftime. I'd say you all have a better chance of getting everyone in the program to wear the same shade of yellow than you do of keeping us from outnumbering you at the Joke Saturday. How long will it be until you and your classy, bottle chunking fan base have completely devoured Billy Bob Gailey (a fine man who you frontrunners hailed as an inspired hire just a year ago)? Look how fast you trashed AJ Suggs (a decent kid saddled with no running game, no protection, and mouthy, bad handed midget receivers), and god knows who else associated with the program.

If you do run off Billy Bob, let me suggest a candidate for your next hire. He's basically another Hew?tt...he relates to "today's kids"...he's hip...he's smooooooove.....and best of all, he's a failed UGA defensive coordinator. I give you...Kevin Ramsay. Cool Breeze will put the sting back in, just like Billy Bob, errr, the Skipper, errrr, Bill Lewis, errrrr, Bobby Rothhhh, uh, Ross, errrr, Bill Curry, errrrr, Pepper Rodgers, errrrr, Bill Fulcher, errrrr, Bud Carson was going to do. What do all those former GTU coaches have in common? Why, none of them had a winning record versus UGA.

Maybe you nerds should consider changing conferences. I hear the Gulf South is looking for a team, and you almost draw as many fans as Valdosta State. With Miami and VT joining the ACC, you guys are moving down the charts faster than Michael Jackson.

Credit belongs to 81Dawg.
04-bow 04-bow
GTarmchairQB Wrote:Death to Georgia, I say. Vengeful death.

Death to Georgia.

Death to Georgia.

Death to Georgia.
I'm not sure I catch your drift. What exactly are you trying to say here? 03-lol 03-lol 03-lol
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