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Brooks H

A question for you Depaul history buffs. Who all was a part of the 1999 recruiting class for you guys that was ranked #2 or #3 in overall class rankings? Just wondering. Thanks for your help.
That was a great class indeed.

Rashon Burno was the point guard
Lance Williams was a was a tough power forward
Bobby Simmons played small forward.

And the cream of that class was Quentin Richardson.

Q was a top 10 recruit, but I believe he was rated a little bit behind his Chicago HS hoops buddy Corey Maggette of Duke.

In fact, that was the class that went to Duke and lost on a buzzer beating 3 pointer by 6'10 frosh center Nick Horvath.

As a long time Duke hater, that was one painful loss.
Are you a Depaul fan? I haven't seen any others.

btw...that same class and same season they lost at Duke (as sophs) they spent most of the season in the Top 25. They got booted out after back to back late season losses to Cincy and a home loss to Louisville.

That 2nd loss to Cincy. I was at that game. That was the year KMart scored every point of a 10 point deficit with 2 minutes to play and lost by 2 points.

They drew Kansas in the first round of the Tourney that year and lost to them by 4 in overtime.

That was probably their best team since the early 80's. They had some tough close losses to some great teams that year.

Brooks H

First, I appreciate your help. Cleared things up.

Quote:Are you a Depaul fan? I haven't seen any others.

And no, I'm actually a vagabond Memphis fan, haha. I just happened to wander into old territory. :)
Well, good luck to Memphis this year. I really wanted to see them beat UCLA and make the Final Four last year. That would have been 3 CUSA Final Four teams in 4 years. Pretty amazing for what all those BCSrs consider a mid-major. Hopefully they'll get there this year.

I still root for all the Old CUSA teams. Those left behind in CUSA and all those now in the BE.

Louisville had a great win over Pitt last night. Maybe Marquette (or UL) can pull out the BE conference title this year. Marquette is especially close. That would be another feather in the CUSA cap...
Actually, I'll be a bit torn tomorrow as I head to the Depaul/Marquette game at All State Arena. Wanting a Depaul win...but knowing it would really hurt Marquette's chances.
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