Full Version: Still in the NCAA hunt
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Great win by Depaul at home against a ranked Notre Dame the other night.

I really enjoyed that one. ND came out with an 11-0 lead to start the game when Draelon Burns started to light it up. They went in tied at the half. Was back and forth in the 2nd half with ND taking the late lead. Once again Burns saved the day making a great steal on Falls bringing the ball up the court (w/ a 1 point lead and 16 secs to play). Burns stole the ball and passed to a sprinting Wilson Chandler for a 2 handed slam and the game winner.

Like the Kansas game...there were more ND fans there than Depaul fans.

But with two $$ RPI wins over Kansas and at Nova...and solid wins over ND and (crushing ) Cal. A 3-2 finish and maybe 1 win in the BE Tourney should get them dancing.

Been some GREAT ball being played at Depaul this year. And I still got Marquette, S. Florida, and CINCY yet to go!!

Row 5, directly across from the Depaul bench...all year! With the Depaul now in the BE....the best investment i've ever make.
btw...ND really didn't impress. They don't have exceptional height. Feller was a huge local recruiting win for ND over IU...but he especially doesn't impress at center. Falls is their floor leader and a player. He's got a great shot and can take it to the rim too. Stay to him like glue...and you cut of ND's head.

Cincy can take ND. They can beat Depaul too...but I don't think they will. Even their best teams have struggled at the All State Arena. Really looking forward to seeing them up close and personal again...though.
btw...Marquette is next wed.

Like Louisville each year (and Kansas this year)...fans will be up to the rafters in this game. 60+% will be for Marquette.

This could be the most exciting game yet...
Although I'm apparently the only one in here that cares.

Depaul may have just punched their NCAA Tourney ticket tonight. Great win over #12 Marquette. That makes back to back home wins over ranked teams (#21 Notre Dame).

As expected, half the crowd (maybe more) was Marquette fans. Marquette went out to an early 7 point lead, but Depaul quickly got it back and except for a couple of 1 point leads mid 2nd half, Depaul led the whole game.

Great effort by Sammy Mejia and Wilson Chandler. Every game Chandler has a couple highlight reel jams. Really juices up the crowd and team.

Depaul is now 15-11 with Top 25 RPI wins over Kansas, Marquette, and Nova (on the road). And a Top 50 vs ND.

Their last 4 games are a home and home vs S. Florida, at ND, and at home vs Cincy. Three wins and an 18-12 (Top 40 RPI season) should easily be in reach now. A conference Tourney win would finalize it.

It's suprising how small Marquette is. They basically have 4 solid guards and often play 3 of them at once. Kind of like Nova did last year.

Dominic James is quick and had a decent scoring game, but he really blew it down the stretch. Got stuffed on a late drive by Chandler. He's to short to try to take it to the trees like that on his own.

Then he took some really ill advised 3 point shots in the last minute. Off balance and about 4-5 feet behind the arc. They had no chance. He's a good player, but his decision making was suspect tonight.
Three ex-CUSA teams now with a great chance at the Tourney
Depaul got another road win yesterday. At South Florida. If they can pull off a 2nd win over ND (at South Bend) next week, the have two home games remaining vs Cincy and S Fla (again).

It would be hard to keep them out of the Tourney with a win there unless they blew it at home.
One more game for Depaul. At home against S. Fla and a week to prepare.

It should be an easy win. It would put them at 18-12 with an RPI below 50. They will have home wins over Kansas and Marquette, and 4 road wins (including RPI Top 20 Villanova).

If they can then pull off a conference Tourney win, I don't see how the Committee leaves them out of the Dance.
Depaul has a GREAT opportunity in the BET. They got rpi #18 Villanova in the first round. A team they already beat on the road.

One more win...and they're Dancin'
The game was there's for the taking. They just couldn't take it.

NIT time for the Blue Demons. Maybe I'll get tickets for it...
Villanova couldn't miss a FT against Depaul...they can't make one against Georgetown...
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