Full Version: Email response from Dr. Watts?
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Anybody else get one? I just did.
I have not received one as of yet however it has been a few weeks since I emailed him.
Do tell - a personal response to a direct email or yet another generic response with empty promises?
Dear fill in your name,

I told him it was extremely rude not to respond to emails and that I doubted he was even reading them. Apparently, I'm really good at making people feel guilty because Mackin responded last week after I said the same thing. Here is Blue Water Bottle's response:

"Dear Ms. ___________,

Thank you for your various emails over the last several weeks. My apologies for not having been able to respond until now. I assure you that I have received your emails, and am sorry to hear that you feel the way you do. We have a lot to be proud of at UAB, and I just hope that you will continue to channel your passion about UAB into supporting this great university as we move forward.

Thank you again for reaching out to share your opinions,

Ray L. Watts"
Cookie cutter
I get the feeling that the guy isn't going to leave quietly after any resolution.
He knows his days are numbered
Did anyone get one similar to this then? I'm just curious if he actually read my other emails.
Someone posting on the FB page that he has made the decision to resign
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